Acts: Light My Fire


The disciples have never really been what you might call “brave.” In fact, they sorta seem like sissies. Before he left, Jesus tells his homies to hang tight and wait for a “gift.” They chill for a while and then one day, it gets really windy, fire rests above each of them, they start talking in different languages that they don’t know and they are filled with the Holy Spirit. From that point on, they are no longer sissies. They tell everyone about Jesus. It doesn’t matter if people get upset, throw them in prison or start killing them. They just won’t shut up about Jesus. Whatever that “Spirit” is that filled them, I want me some of that. Traveling to foreign countries would be so much easier if I knew how to say “where is the bathroom?” in every language.


Museum-quality poster made on thick, archival, acid-free, matte paper. Ships in heavy duty cardboard mailing tube.

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