Judges: Jawbone Justice


You’d think that with a name like Judges, this book would be about really smart people that helped settle disagreements. Sorta like the Jewish People’s Court. For sure it wouldn’t be as bloody as Joshua, right? Wrong. Ancient Israel had a slightly different (and much more violent) definition of the word “Judge.” Take Samson for example, probably the most popular “Judge.” Growing up, I always remembered hearing stories about how heroic Samson was, and how God gave him extraordinary physical strength. As I read it over now, I’m struck by his stupidity. He was basically a dumb thug and would tear you limb from limb if you ever said that to his face. If I was around back then, I’d probably call him an “imbecile” or some other word with more than two syllables, because he’d be too stupid to know what it meant.


Museum-quality poster made on thick, archival, acid-free, matte paper. Ships in heavy duty cardboard mailing tube.

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