Revelation: Power in the Blood


With all the death and violence going on, it’s easy to think that Jesus is going around slitting the throats of the bad guys and laughing hysterically as the blood spews out and splatters all over his face. But when the lamb makes it’s entrance to the climactic battle in chapter 19, it’s covered in blood. But it’s not the blood of his enemies, it’s the lamb’s own shed blood. Shedding his own blood. This is how the lamb fights. This is how the lamb redeems. This is how the lamb wins.

Jesus just does things differently. There’s a love in him that makes his every action a surprising, creative and rebellious shock to our conventional fallen way of thinking. And at the same time, there’s an invitation to actually become one of these creative, surprising rebellers.


Museum-quality poster made on thick, archival, acid-free, matte paper. Ships in heavy duty cardboard mailing tube.

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